Detergent Formulations for sale

30 Detergent Formulations for sale - 2018

Detergent Formulations for sale South Africa
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30 Detergent Formulations for sale:

Only R499 for these 30 Recipes.

AND you get access to Elmarie who is working daily in the Chemical industry.(So you have technical backup to these formulas).

We use standard South African chemical names, so you can buy from any chemical supplier. (We give you more than 30 South African chemical company names so you can find the supplier closest to you).

30 Recipes(Detergent Formulations) – How to manufacture household detergents:

Recipes for Cleaning Products Included in this 1st book:

2 in 1 Window and Surface cleaner
Automatic Dishwasher Powder
Air Freshener(Water based)
All Purpose Cleaner
All Purpose Cleaner GEL
Dishwashing Liquid
Drain Cleaner
Dry foam Carpet Cleaner
Engine Degreaser No 1
Engine Degreaser No 2
Fabric Softener
Foam Bath
Graffiti Remover(Wall stains)
Household Bleach
Household thickened Bleach
Heavy duty industrial Disinfectant
High Foam Washing Powder
Liquid Hand Soap
Liquid Laundry Detergent
Low Foam Washing Powder
Multi Purpose Cleaner / Degreaser
Oven Cleaner
Pine Gel
Pine Disinfectant Gel
Scouring Powder
Toilet Cleaner
Tyre & Dash shine
Waterless Hand Cleaner
Window Cleaner
Any questions, please contact us.


Johan Welgemoed



For more info and 2 FREE sample recipes to see how easy the recipes are to mix from the 1st Detergent Formulations eBook for sale South Africa, please email us:


Please note: You can not give away or resell these formulations. Make the detergents/products, and then sell it at any price you want.


DIY and Homemade Cleaning products now with real chemicals. These are not the baking soda/Borax type of recipes, but industrial quality.


So why technical support:
Ever wondered how to mix pine gel? Yes, it is a simple recipe – but what do you do when YOUR pine gel start turning to liquid weeks after you sold it, AND WHY…. This is a sample of when technical “know-how” help you to save your Name and your Business instead of standing their red-faced without any idea what is going on….

The detergent Formulation – How to mix Pine Gel Disinfectant

The ingredients:
Caustic flakes
Sulphonic Acid
Pine Oil

The Mixing process:
1) Add caustic to water whilst stirring
2) Add urea and keep stirring
3) Add Sulphonic and stir until completely dissolved
4) Add MEA
5) Add Pine Oil slowly with continuous stirring etc. etc. (Some hidden gold here, available in full book).
6) Final product should be translucent pale yellow gel.
7) pH should be between 10 and 11

This is the basic recipe and mixing process of disinfectant pine gel. The percentages and access to Elmarie with her 28 years of knowledge will make this YOUR bestseller – so start your business today….

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